Ticketing Information

  • Travel on smard card and token is valid for 170 minutes after the entry. But for entry/exit from same station, the time limit is 20 minutes only.
  • Please show your travel card/token at the entry gate for the opening of flaps. Drop your taken in exit gate for opening of flaps.
  • Please ensure that entry on a travel card is followed by a valid exit from DMRC system. In case of mismatch penalty will be payable as per Business rule of DMRC.
  • Carrying token beyond exit gate is a punishable offence and attracts a fine of Rs 200 or imprisonment.
  • The refund of unused taken can be done with 60 minutes of purchase from purchasing station only
  • No token will be issued to passenger after last token sale time displayed at station
  • In case of entry/exit from the same station Rs8 will be charged.