To know fare between two stations, please select them from below:


  • Only One way permitted
  • Validity One day
  • Refund with in 60 min
  • Exit within 170 min, penalty Rs 10 per hour, subject to maximum Rs 50

Travel Card

  • First Time Rs 150 ( including Rs 50 refundable security)
  • Recharge Rs 200 to Rs 3000 non refundable, amount could be used only in metro rides
  • Validity - 1 year after every recharge, max 10 years
  • Same station entry/exit Rs 10 charged with in 20min
  • Web Top Up/Online recharge – At DMRC Smart Card Portal

Benefits of Delhi Metro Smart Card

  • You can travel to any destination without using token
  • No need of any photo or ID proof to purchase Smart Card
  • Travel worth Rs10 free on every journey worth Rs 100
  • You can buy card worth Rs 150 to Rs2000 at one time and return it anytime to get the balance amount back
  • Get rid of inconvenience of standing in a queue to get token everytime.
  • Freedom of entry/exit at any station
  • You or any family member can travel on the same card
  • Commuters can get refund of his Smart Card from Customer Care Centre of any metro station even if it gets DAMAGED, EXPIRED or UNREASABLE
  • Validity of Smart Card is Ten Years from last date of ADD Value
  • Discount is not applicable if Entry/Exit is made from the same station
  • Refundable Security deposit Rs50
  • Security desposit Rs50 will not be refunded in case of damaged Card
  • Off Peak hours - between 6am to 8am, 12pm to 5pm and 10 pm onwards - can avail a discount of 20 per cent.
  • On Sundays and National Holidays - there is a discount of Rs. 10

Tourist Card

  • 1 Day Rs 200 (Rs 150 + Rs 50 refundable security)
  • 3 Days Rs 500 (Rs. 450 + Rs 50 refundable security)